Tips to Protect Your Lower Back

As one accumulates more years, so are their bones and disks becoming become degenerated and exhausted leading to one developing soreness and back stiffness. When this happens, you will hear an individual complain from back pain, which does not seem to go away. Although age has been found to be the number one contributor to back pain, there are some other causes.

Our backs are made in a way that they are very flexible. This is their major undoing as they in most cases twist and bend as one engages in the day to day activities. Thus we can conclude that the flexibility that our backs have is what causes the lower back pain. But the good news is that one can prevent lower back pain and if it does occur you can take measures to ensure that it does not reoccur again. To ensure this, below are tips to protect your lower back.

Exercise Your Core

neck painWhen you regularly exercise your core, you ensure that your core muscles are adequately strengthened. This is very important, as it ensures that they provide support for the lower back, hence protecting it from strain or injury. To archive this, it is recommended that you engage in low-impact cardiovascular exercise. An example of such activities is walking or light jogging. When you engage in such, the blood flow to the lower back is increased, hence supplying more nutrients to the lower back, and ensuring that it is adequately hydrated thus maintaining it in good shape.

Always Maintain a Correct Posture

Whenever you are seated or walking, it is essential to ensure that you have maintained the correct posture at all times. When you do not keep a good posture, you put unnecessary pressure on your back which leads to degeneration of back disks hence your back becoming painful. When sitting, use an ergonomic chair as it supports the natural curve that makes your lower spine.

Additionally, ensure that you stand up walk around and stretch your body at least once in every hour when you are working. Or in some instances, you can use a stand-up desk sometimes in a day.

Be Cautious When Lifting Heavy Objects

No matter your age or physical strength, it is essential to be cautious when you are lifting heavy objects. If lifted wrongly, objects that are heavy can easily injure your lower back. So when you are lifting heavy objects, ensure that your chest is kept forward, the hips are leading as opposed to shoulders, and the weight of the object you are carrying is close to your body to minimize lower back injury.

lifting heavy weights

Monitor Your Weight

When one is overweight, or their body has more weight than their spine can support, one is likely to experience lower back pain. So if you have accumulated such importance, it is about time that you should start working out, so that you can bring your pressure to the standards that your back can support.

Some other tips to ensure that your lower back is appropriately protected include: taking care of how you sit and position yourself when traveling, being a savvy athlete, and providing that your physical health is at its best at all times.

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